Our Story

Down To Earth Entertainment is a feature film production company specializing in Bollywood production, with a mandate to make quality, commercially viable feature films for the global marketplace. We are based in Mumbai, India. Down To Earth Entertainment focuses on telling great stories in unique ways and in a variety of genres to make movies that resonate with audiences both domestically and abroad. Down To Earth Entertainment focuses on feature film production; established by Mr. Imad Ahmed Habib who has been involved in producing and consulting on a variety of genres from short films to theatrical movies since 1991.

In 2012, Down To Earth Entertainment entered into the world of animation and VFX on a partnership with Evoke Studios to facilitate animation and VFX in house, giving the company the ability to enhance quality control on Down To Earth Entertainment.

In 2013, Down To Earth Entertainment has produced Hindi film under the title “The Untold Story Aahinsa” a Social cause story based on cow slaughter issue directed by Mr. Yusuf Ali Khan which was the first Hindi film to highlight the cow slaughter issue in India. successfully released all over India on 20th June 2014.

Down To Earth Entertainment recently completed the Hindi feature film under the title "Life of Kuku" directed by Mr.Rajiv S. Ruia, known for his best Hindi film (My friend Ganesha). The film holds a unique message for the children and parents. The film is inspired by a true story of a 10 year old girl and her journey in life. The film gives us a message that the situations can occur in our life too and can happen with us also. It is currently on post production and is stated to release on 2016.

The company also entered into regional film making with its first production and completed the shooting of a Marathi film under the title “Lafda Sadan” directed by the national award winner director Mr.Shivaji Lottan Patel. The film promises to be a full entertainment film with sensible comedy. Currently they are working on the post production part and the movies is stated to release in 2016.

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.- Walt Disney

A Hindi film under the title “The Star Shooter” is under production which will be directed by the national award winner who is well known for his best film (Oh My God) Mr. Umesh Shukla. The plot is written by the national award winner writer Mr. Bhavesh Mandalia which is scheduled to start in summer 2016.

A special 3D Super hero movie under the the title “Love u Shankar” which will also be directed by Mr.Rajiv S. Ruia and written by Mr. Brijmohan Pandey, the well known writer for his best and the most successful TV serial (Mahadev) which will be the first Hindi film in 3d for kids. Production design of the film is going on where Lord Shankar will be in 3D CG character.

And now we are moving into the world of fantasy and larger than life film making wherein we will show our talent and experience of film making in the world of vfx and cg. In 2016 the company is producing an epic adventure film title "Road To Rising Sun". It will be directed by Mr. Shuman Deb under the supervision of Mr. Umesh Shukla.

A Great Movie Evolves when Everybody Has the Same Vision in Their Heads.- Alan Parker

Our team and technician are one of the best in Bollywood. Down To Earth Entertainment is dedicated to producing a diverse range of quality entertainment for today's marketplace and to collaborating with like-minded international and domestic partners to bring great stories to the screen.